Get Ready to GO

to the next global conference.



The Concept

YM International began partnering with youth conferences in 2016. We are now beginning to expand our presence globally. Our goal is to expand, enhance and improve Youth Conference for the Church of God of Prophecy around the world. 


GO Conferences, a division of YM International, partners with Youth Conferences globally. We partner financially and logistically with a desire to bring our world into a relationship with God.

Global Presence

Where conferences exist in Youth Ministries of the Church of God of Prophecy, GO Conferences offers support to enhance and upgrade events. We give our support through our yearly budget.


Connection is what GO Conferences is all about. Our partnership with conferences helps expand what conferences can offer, which in turn connects more people internationally.


Who will you hear from in our next GLOBAL Conference?


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Registration will be coming soon!

Get ready for an extraordinary global experience! 🌐✨ Registration for our upcoming conference is just around the corner, and you won’t want to miss it. Stay tuned for the official announcement dropping soon. You’ll have the chance to secure your spot for a conference that promises inspiration, Holy Spirit presence, and connection on a global scale. Spread the word!

💻 HOW TO REGISTER: Check back here for the opening of registration to secure your place to the GLOBAL Conference of your choice. Early registration not only guarantees your spot but also unlocks exclusive perks and discounts.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of something extraordinary. Get ready to discover a deeper relationship with God and others! See you at GO Conference 24!

Registration details are dropping soon, so stay tuned and gear up for an event that will redefine your perspective and fuel your passion. 🔥🌐


Next Conference

Get ready to elevate your expectations and enthusiasm! The much-anticipated conference of 2025 is on the horizon, promising a fusion of groundbreaking worship and praise, networking opportunities, and a wave of inspiration that will shape your relationship with God. 

Brace yourselves for an event that transcends boundaries and catapults you into a realm of limitless possibilities in God’s kingdom. Be sure and check back here at YM for GO Conference 2025! 🚀🌟

Excitement is building for GO Conference 2025, and we don’t want you to miss a beat! Stay in the loop by checking back regularly for more information on speakers, sessions, and exclusive updates. Your journey to inspiration and a Holy Spirit encounter begins here! Get ready to GO Conference 2025! 🌐🔍

Past Conferences

Our last GLOBAL conference was in Prague, Czech Republic!

Partner with us

GO Conferences are global in scope and implementation. YM International supports conferences solely from a yearly budget. This budget covers all aspects of Youth Ministry, from salaries, training, and other areas of ministry. 

Would you commit to joining us in support? Read more on how you can support GLOBAL Conferences around the world.